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Here are a few benefits to using a high filtration vacuum over the standard upright:

  • Better indoor air quality.

  • Multiple layers of filters, that allow for less dirt to be push back into the environment.

  • Increased suction, improved design and functionality.

  • Attachments allow for proper high dusting and ceiling vents cleaning.

Why Microfiber?

​Microfiber is a synthetic material, usually made of polyester and nylon; when it is used for cleaning it is called split microfiber. When this is done each strand of microfiber is 200 times smaller than

​No-Drip Method

​​Mopping has also increased in function and safety over the past five years. With the ability to disperse the proper amount of cleaning solution to the desired area, it reduces the chance of slipping, and over saturation of the floor. The no-drip method allows more accurate control of solution being used and helps quickly clean up smaller areas without all the wasted water a traditional mop bucket consumes. With the use of microfiber mop heads in a variety of colors it reduces the spread of germs from room to room, and improves soil and matter containment and removal.

Colorado Springs Janitorial Services- Equipment

a human hair. This allows the fibers to become super absorbent, and helps increase the amount of microbes and hard to kill spores it can remove compared to any other material.  Another advantage to microfiber over a cotton material, is that microfiber will dry and faster making it more difficult for bacteria to grow.

Microfiber has become the standard for janitorial services in healthcare environments, and the color coded rags and mop heads safeguards our clients, their customers, and our staff. Dorothy’s Professional Cleaning, LLC has a very strict color coding methodology that makes sure the rags that clean the bathroom ONLY clean bathrooms and do not come in contact with rags that would clean offices, exam rooms, or even break areas. We pride ourselves on not only cleaning, but maintaining a healthy environment for everyone.