Colorado Springs Hard Floor Care Professionals

Here are a few questions every business should ask prior to selecting a janitorial company:

  • What type of chemicals will be used to remove the old wax?

  • How many coats of wax should be applied to ensure a proper seal?

  • What are the differences between the finishes, and what is best for my floor?

  • What will be required, once the floor is finished to help maintain the appearance?

​Commercial Janitorial Services

Hard floor surfaces will continue to shine and protect the floor, using a proper scheduled maintenance program integrating a few of the following components.

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​High Speeding Burnishing/ Spray Buffing​- Restores the shine to floors that have been finished. This requires a floor machine that will reach over 1500 rpm per minute to properly shine the floor and fix dulling in heavier traffic areas. This service is recommended quarterly in low traffic areas, and could be as often as weekly in lobby areas, or main building corridors.

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Flooring we specialize in:

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)
Concrete  (stained and etched)
Ceramic Tile
Natural Stone

All of our products at Dorothy's Professional Cleaning, LLC are low VOC, and safe to be used in all building types. We do not use harsh chemicals to remove existing floor finishes or place any down during our cleaning process.

Dorothy's Professional Cleaning, LLC

Floor Stripping and Refinishing​- The process in which you remove all the old floor finish or commonly referred to as stripping a floor. Next, you apply a cleaning agent to properly clean the flooring prior to re-applying several coats of floor finish.